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Krown KPA-5000 DJ Amplifier (New & HIGHLIGHTED PRODUCT)

KPA-5000 is a rugged and most reliable dual channel (2500+2500W) amplifier. It sets a new benchmark for professionals requiring a sonically superior, high power amplifier. It has been designed to operate under stringent working conditions such as wide voltage fluctuations due to gensets/AC mains and high ambient temperatures. Adequate safeguards have been built-in to counter adverse working conditions. Ease of operation, combined with service accessibility has been optimized in the design.

Class H operation for optimum efficiency.

KMX-12.2 Stereo Mixer (New & HIGHLIGHTED PRODUCT)

Input Channels : Each Channel has separate XLR female & 1/4” balanced phone jack for Mic and Line & accepts both balanced & unbalanced signals.

AUX Control : This controls the level of the channel in the final mix to Aux Send output. AUX Send & AUX Return : These have been provided for sending the pre-fader output of channels for monitoring or for adding a Special Effects Unit.

MONO/STEREO Output : Mono output is available from either Left & Right output jacks when the switch is in ‘Mono’ position.

Each channel has GAIN, BASS, MID, TREBLE, ECHO, PAN and slide LEVEL controls with CLIP LED indicator. Echo section provided with Delay, Repeat & Level controls. Tape section for Record & Playback facility.

Krown KPA-5500 DJ Amplifier (Not new product)

  • Dual channel direct coupled amplifier.
  • Low, Mid, High & Volume Controler for both channel.
  • 5500 Watts rated output.
  • Rugged, reliable and designed to work continuously under stringent conditions
  • High fidelity sound.
  • Ideal for high end music programmes.
  • Class H operation for optimum efficiency.

KIM-86 Reporter Microphone (Not new product)

  • KIM-86
  • Unidirectional
  • Stage & Studio
    • Long Body Microphone.
    • Excellent for interviews, musical instruments, stage, vocal and studio recording applications.
    • Supplied with quick detachable holder, 5 mtrs. twin core shielded low noise cable & 3-pin XLR connector.