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  • Audiophile Performance with Active Damping
    THD < 0.0004% at rated output power; Damping Factor > 2000
  • High Power Density
    Up to 2200W in 1U
  • Universal Power Input, Ultra Efficient Operation
    Operable from 90V AC to 290V AC ; Efficiency > 90% across load and line
  • Ultra-Reliable
    490V AC proof; Extensive Zero-Latency Protection Suite

The V-D13F Series is an ultra-rugged platform that is built to address light to medium duty installation applications as well portable sound reinforcement applications while maintaining the performance and precision of its more powerful cousins.

The V-D13F Series features the next generation of Ultra-fast Analog computing for on-board zero- latency monitoring and control and is armed with the most extensive protection suite including total immunity to Open Ended Floating Voltages (490VAC Proof) that enables absolute reliability of operation.

Occupying only 1U of rack space and weighing less than 6.5kg, the V-D13F Series minimizes its physical footprint across a wide range of applications and enables de-centralized deployability thereby reducing typical power losses associated with longer cable runs.

The KNM™ Drive and the FPC™ class power converter together enables the V-D13F platform to achieve energy efficiency levels that challenge and surpass non-linear platforms across line and load conditions, thereby reducing the overall operating and ownership costs.