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(HIGHLIGHT) DSP Processor CKS 1616

The CKC-1616 is a powerful 16-in and 16-out digital audio processor and touch screen operation is used to control interface display. ADI SHARC 4th generation of ADSP-21489 floating-point audio DSP chip provides the supreme performance 400 MHz/2200 MFLOP processor capacity. The ultra-low ground noise pre-amplification circuit, low-distortion analog circuit and 114dB audio AD and DA Provide high-quality sound in field. The 5-inch 16-bit true color (64K colors) touch screen is used to adjust channel volumes and call 32 audio effect scenes; display the current device IP addresses and the presetting numbers and presetting names used the processor for the administrator’s quick identification and identifying the current processors in the system. The front panel is composed of network connection status indicator and error alarm indicator. Where gross error occurs, red alarm indicator twinkles. The device is connected with Android system and smart phone or tablet PC operation software package is supported.


(HIGHLIGHT) Wireless Conference System:

  • Digital wireless conference system processor: CKC-990 : The CKC-900 wireless digital conferencing system is a set of digital wireless conferencing system operating at UHF high frequency band. The system is operated under full digital mode and various speaking modes, and can be connected to CKC- 900VP video host to achieve video tracking function. The FM is used to transmit sound signal, Hi-Fi, high SNR and without sound delay. The unique new condenser microphone core with characteristics of whistling-free, unidirectional performance and high-sensitivity makes sound of the conference almost perfect. The data communication algorithm independently developed for conferencing enables system response rate not subject to number of delegate units within signal coverage. Users add or remove delegate units flexibly. System delegate unit capacity≦1255 pcs (including 1 chairman unit).
  • Digital wireless conference system Microphone CKC 991 & CKC 992 : Overview With high flexibility and reliability, our UHF wireless conference system is an ideal choice for mobile conference systems. It offers simple operation, compact structures. The wireless conference system can be perfectly integrated into

CKS Acoustics Speaker System: Weather proof column speaker built in aluminium dia cast, aluminium grill and plastic cover. Acoustic quality is good, made of aluminium, with clear sound, can withstand sunshine, rain, wind, sand, snow, suitable for indoor & outdoor use, such as public places, supermarkets, schools, stations.

CKS Acoustics Power Amplifier CKS Series: CKS series at the high end entertainment sound reinforcement. Its high performance is based on its sufficient and powerful output capacity at 8ohms, 4ohms and 2ohms. Hi and lo pass filters in rear of amplifier. Highly efficient, reliable and no interference. Convenient of use to connect with various sockets such as binding terminals, XLR and Speckon. Two high speed cooling fans to allow extended use and adequate cooling. Advanced protection circuit to protect from over heart, short circuit DC shock, overloading and frequency.

CKS Acoustics Power Amplifier CT Series: CT Series offer a stupendous 99% reliability and the internal hardware is strong to handle the vagaries of transportation. Lower power consumption less than 0.1A when working without load and Zero noise. High-efficient APS circuit for best power supply and perfect limiter circuit protects your loudspeakers. Multiple temperature cooling fans. Built-in high pass and low pass crossover. Specialized system protection circuit, comprehensive, safe, reliable and accurate such as short circuit protect, over load protect. Limiter soft start, high temp protect, HF protect, Back-EMF protect etc.