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Sholite Fat Beam Laser

Encompassing a novel design of 8pcs fat beam laser diodes with a single laser diode control incorporated with 7pcs of amber LED, Sholite’s Fat Beam Laser gives pubs, parties bars, clubs etc a colorful edge. It projects strong and sweeping fat beams with 180º tilt and makes a great and cost effective beam show. Designed as per security standards and for high performance, this laser is safe for human eyes and does not harm the environment.


  • Power Supply:AC100~240V,  50~60Hz
  • Rated Power:68W
  • Laser Power:4000mw
  • Laser Class:3B
  • Laser Power/Wavelength:
  • Red Laser:500mw/638nm*8
  • Scan System:Micro Step Motor
  • Optical Angle:180º
  • Play Mode:Sound Active / Auto- Play / DMX512 / Master-Slave
  • DMX Channel:7/16
  • Control Signal:International Standard DMX-512  1990 signal
  • Net Weight:6.8Kg

DTS Core

CORE is a powerful and compact discharge moving head. SPOT and BEAM all in one with the fastest effects ever seen.

CORE is versatile: thanks to its 440 W HRI LAMP (24,000 Lumens), CORE is perfect in a range of applications, from TV studios to live concerts. All this in only 24 kg.

Lamp: Osram Sirius HRI 440 W (24,000 Lumens)

Improved optical group: Spot and Beam all in one

  • 1,530,000 Lux at 5 m
  • 16-bit motorized wide-excursion linear zoom
  • 16-bit motorized linear focus
  • Linear dimmer / shutter / strobe (0.85 flash/sec to 10 flash/sec)
  • Frost Filter
  • Overlapping wheel for multiple effects:
    • Customizable rotating gobo wheel (9 gobos)
    • Fixed gobo wheel (17 gobos + animation sector + open)
  • 8-facet rotating prism

Zero 88 FLX S48

FLX S48 console is easy to learn and simple to use - delivering all the features you need at an affordable price. FLX S48 has 48 multi functional faders which can control up to 96 fixtures, and a touch monitor output to provide quick access to palettes and an overview of the show.

Quickly and accurately control colour changing lights using the multi-touch colour & image picker, the encoder wheels or by selecting colours contained within a“mood” using Mood Boards by Lee Filters, and quickly record it straight onto any fader of the 96 (FLX S48) instant-access colour palettes to recall later. Moving lights can be controlled using the multi-touch pan/tilt grid, the encoder wheels or with automatic effects like “Figure 8”, “Rainbow” and “Fly-In”.

From design to manufacture, FLX S48 has been developed to work in a wide range of applications, with specific considerations for education, houses of worship, fringe theatre, community venues, corporate events, concerts, rental, fashion, festivals, holiday parks, cruise ships, TV and many more...

ADB - Osram ( Brand )


The LEXPERT PROFILE is a white LED light able to produce a powerful, high quality light beam. The two versions available in the catalogue have different color temperatures: warm (3200K) or daylight (5600K).

They are built to be modular: the body containing the LED source works together with an optical unit with either a 15°-30° or a 25°-50° zoom. The two zoom modules are perfectly interchangeable with each other.

The Lexpert Profile is equipped with a very versatile dimming system. You can choose between 8 and 16 bit operation on five channels modes, with four preset dimmer curves. Alternatively intensity can be manually adjusted using an easily accessible knob on the back of the unit.


The compact, lightweight LEXPERT FRESNEL M, with excellent heat dissipation and noise level of less than 30 dB, provides a powerful, smooth white LED light. Thanks to its 200 mm (nearly 8”) high quality Fresnel lens and motor- driven linear zoom, the Lexpert Fresnel M provides a uniform beam, which can be adjusted from 8 to 80 degrees using local and DMX controls.

It is equipped with a very versatile dimming system: you can choose between 8 and 16-bit operation on four channels, with four preset dimmer curves. Alternatively it can be manually adjusted using an easily accessible knob on the back of the unit.

The fixture can be ordered in two different color temperatures – warm (3200K) or daylight (5600K) – and features a gel frame and optional rotating barndoors.


The MagicFX Stadium Shot II is the most powerful free-standing confetti/Streamer cannon in the market. It uses powerful compressed air cannon to shoot confetti or streamers. Magic FX's Stadium shot II is the standard for arena concerts that holds upto 2- 3 kgs of confetti shooting 35 mtr up and out or with streamers 40 mtr out. It holds and shoots 2 kgs of paper and 3 kgs of metallic confetti. Great for Sports events, grand openings, Championships and open air festivals.

Tank must be filled by an air compressor (8bar)

  • Product Code : MFX0401 II
  • Size : Closed flightcase 80 cm x 60 cm x 85,5 cm
  • Weight ( KG ): 109
  • Tank : 34.5 Ltr
  • Power: 20 Watt
  • Warranty : 3 year