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Mic Mount

At IA Stands, creating simple and thoughtfully designed products is our elementary task, hence we have designed Mic Mount following the same fundamentals. In IA Ecosystem, you are empowered to utilize the Mount in varied combinations by easily switching over to different Stands and Extensions creating endless possibilities of using the product. Our Plug-in system is the faster way to adjust and use microphones than the ordinary threading mechanism of other microphone clips. We have kept it simple with Slid-in attachment system where you can easily glide your microphone and is the most preferred method for attaching a mic on boom stand/microphone stand by musicians.

Notation Mount

Drawing inspiration from nature, we have designed a product which replicates the bio-mechanism of a peacock’s tail. Just like a peacock uncovers and fan-outs its feather and nestles it back to a compact shape; we have developed a mechanism which recoils all the joints in a reverse motion into the mainframe this drastically reduces the size to half which is better than any other music stands around. Being smaller in size means its more portable. Being part of IA’s Ecosystem, it is the only Notation Mount in the world which can be used with multiple Stands and Extensions.

Laptop / Tablet Mount

Our resolute determination to create great products for our users landed us to this breakthrough product, where first time in the world two different consumer electronic devices (Laptop and Tablet) can be held on the same mount. The design of this product is deeply connected to our name i.e. IA (Innovation + Art), so when we you open the arm in ‘I’ posture it grasps tablets and iPads and when the arms are switched over to ‘A’ posture it holds all Laptops and Netbooks. This immensely collapsible mount is one of the most compact and smallest mount around in this domain. We have designed it’s clips to be extremely adaptable to hold different sizes of Tablets and Laptops with ease. IA’s Ecosystem immensely increases the utility of this product, where this mount can be used with all of our Tripods, Keyboard stands and Extensions.

Keyboard Stand

As the name suggests X-16 is an X style keyboard stand with an unprecedented 16 position locking mechanism. Its snap lock lever can be used by you, just by single flick of your finger. Embracing the openness of IA Ecosystem, X-16 can be used with all our mounts i.e. notation mount, mic mount and laptop/tablet mount and extension. Our patented design of unibody Triancle T-bracket draws inspiration from nature which closely resembles whale’s fluke. Unlike conventional joints made from metal bolts and metal welding, which add a bit of inconsistency in due course, our Triancle T-bracket made from heavy duty plastic has the capability to take high impacts and heavy load and still maintain its functionalities.


We have designed Tripod to be a multi-functional stand which comes with a distinct feature of interchangeability which allows you to attach any mount i.e. mic mount/guitar mount/notation mount/ laptop or tablet mount and switch mount as per your convenience and need of hour with the liberty to completely transform the utility of stand from one to many. Tripod being a multi-purpose heavy duty stand is designed with cross strips which elevates the strength and weight bearing capacity of stand. It closes to a compact form making it highly portable and travel friendly.

Tripod Boom

Breaking the traditional concept, we have designed a 2 in 1 Tripod Boom, wherein the utility of mic stand is now not just restricted to hold microphones. Our revolutionary design of telescopic boom where we have used minimal parts to create a unique feature of having boom arm extend laterally and then making it disappear by putting it back in the main frame, which makes it an enormous space saver. The compact design and lightweight build of Tripod Boom makes it portable and easy to carry.