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DAS Audio Action 500 Series

DAS Audio presents the ACTION-500 series, consisting of 8 active and 7 passive loudspeaker models, which include a 12” monitor, full-range systems consisting of 8", 12", 15" and 2 x 15”, and 3 subwoofers. The complete renovation of one of DAS Audio’s most recognized series upgrades both design and physical features—making the systems more compact and lightweight, with an attractive modern design. The ACTION series was born with the mission of offering a range of products that take advantage of the vast experience acquired by DAS in the demanding world of sound touring. The ACTION Series provides a range of products that offer true value, thanks to its excellent price/performance ratio.

DAS Audio Event 212A

The DAS EVENT-212A is a powered, 3-way line array which employs two DAS 12 inch loudspeakers in a dual band configuration where each speaker operates in a specific frequency range. At low frequencies, the speakers work in tandem for maximum power, each driven by a dedicated amplifier channel providing 1000 Wpeak output power. The DAS loudspeaker units have been teamed up with a single M-75 compression driver and purpose-designed injected aluminum high frequency waveguide to provide unmatched performance, sensitivity and coverage in both the 90 degree and 120 degree formats offered. The EVENT-212A line array incorporates the DAScontrol interface which offers a quick and hassle-free set-up of the systems in arrays and easy alignment with the EVENT- 218A and EVENT-121A subwoofer systems.

DAS Link Group Manager

The new DASlink GM application is designed to monitor and control these systems both in groups and individually. The app, compatible with Android and Apple OS, eases the configuration of cabinet parameters from a mobile device. DAS Audio users are in for a treat thanks to the capabilities of this new application since it allows to group systems according to their model or physical location, which facilitates and speeds up the setup providing efficient control over the event or installation. The main functionality of DASlink GM is to create groups of systems with different configurations where not only can the group parameters be modified individually but also the control of the gain of the cabinets within a group.

Powersoft T-Series

The T Series consists of both 2- and 4-channel models available in 3,000 W and 6,000 W versions supporting channel powers from 750 W to 3,000 W in a single rack unit. All models can deliver the same high peak voltage and can drive single 8/16 ohm cabinets at full SPL, making the T Series a cost-effective solution for small systems without boxes in parallel. The high voltage can also be used for power sharing between channels for applications such as bi-amped loudspeakers or subwoofers with passive tops.

In addition to analog inputs, the T Series also includes AES3 and Dante™ by Audinate® inputs, which are optimised for daisy-chained distribution of 2-channel audio to multiple amplifiers with no need for external switches or splitters. Each model features group controllable advanced EQ to let users equalize multiple amplifiers in a chain, as well as a robust preset library with FIR processing.


Employing all unique BMS technologies like the ultra-low intermodulation distortion ring diaphragm, very high efficiency and a 44mm sandwich voice coil in an ultra-compact format, the BMS 5530 and 5531 set a new standard in size to output ratio and provide the lowest crossover available at that size.

With an outside diameter of only 72mm the BMS 5530 and 5531 are a non-compromise solution for high output line arrays when it comes to putting maximum output in minimal height. When multiple 5530/5531 drivers are closely mounted, the recommended crossover drops to 850Hz. Because of their small size the BMS 5530 and 5531 are the only solution to create high output beam steering systems with perfect directivity control, low crossover of 850Hz and 72mm acoustical distance between sources.


The basic design of BMS high frequency drivers already offers enormous advantages, providing 90% lower IM distortion than conventional dome drivers, as well as higher efficiency and phase linearity. The High End (HE) modifications go one step ahead and raise the bar of audio performance even higher. Selected materials, additional cooper shorting cups and modified phase-plugs make those transdusers ultimately the best sounding devices available on the market.

BMS 4596ND

The 4596ND is the BMS latest generation 2” mid-range compression driver providing extremely high acoustical output. The driver incorporates a 3,5” voice coil and a large annular ring diaphragm and has been optimized for middle range applications requiring high SPL. Overall improvements to previous models include optimized frequency response as well as increased peak power and reliability.

18Sound 12NTLW3500

The 12NTLW3500 represents the latest 18sound technology for high quality, low distortion applications. The Dual Gap technology comes directly from the Tetracoil motor structure and uses the same concept to maximize its benefits in therms of thermal dissipation and Bl symmetry to a wider frequency band, making the 12NTLW3500 the perfect component both as a woofer and a midbass. Dual gap motors linearize inductance and the perfect balance we reached between the motor and the ultra linear suspension allows both very high excursion and extreme precision in the mid band with the lowest intermodulation distortion in the professional market. This features, together with its extreme low weight (only 4.8 Kg) make the 12NTLW3500 the perfect component for highest quality line arrays and two way systems, thanks also to its 1800 watts power handling capabilities.

18Sound 21NTLW5000

The 21NTLW5000 is a 21 inch diameter next generation high performance subwoofer, specifically designed for high SPL very low frequency applications in either a reflex, bandpass or horn loaded configuration. For optimum results we recommend the usage of power amplifiers able to deliver 4000W program power without clipping. The 21NTLW5000 uses Eighteen Sound proprietary Tetracoil technology, where two different, axially separated magnetic gaps and two inside-outside 4.5" diameter aluminum voice coils are wound on the same former and suspended evenly in the two magnetic gaps.

18Sound ND3T

The ND3T 1.4 inch exit Natural Sound neodymium high frequency compression driver has been designed for high level sound systems application. The unit has been designed to fulfill tight geometrical requirements, thanks to its ultra compact 109mm overall diameter. The titanium diaphragm is produced in house and has been developed to assure unmatched transient response. The diaphragm assembly is made by joining the former directly to the titanium dome on its upper bend edge. In comparison with a usual straight former joint, the driver's design assures extended frequency energy transfer for improved response linearity and unparallel reliability. This feature facilitates proper motion control of the dome in real working conditions. A proprietary treated Nomex former is used as Nomex shows a 30% higher value of tensile elongation at a working operative temperature (200°C) when compared to Kapton. Moreover, this proprietary former material is also suitable for use in higher moisture content environments. Despite of its compact size, the ND3T neodymium magnet assembly has been designed to obtain 20KGauss in the gap for major benefits in transient response.

18Sound ND3N

The ND3N 1.4 inch exit Natural Sound neodymium high frequency compression driver has been designed for high level sound systems application. The unit has been designed to fulfill tight geometrical requirements, thanks to its ultra compact 109mm overall diameter. In addition to the next-gen titanium diaphragm of the standard ND3ST version, our TPM nitrate coat is applied, doubling the titanium stiffness and avoiding spurious resonances at very high frequencies, assuring a 3rd harmonic distortion lower than 0.05% over the whole working range.

DAS Aero - 40A

The Aero 40A is a 3-way powered line array system which incorporates connectivity for remote monitoring and control. The unique configuration of the Aero 40A Advanced Line Array System (ALAS™) incorporates a rear-loaded 12” transducer in a bass-horn configuration for low-end reproduction. The mid-range is handled by an new 8” transducer developed specifically for the Aero 40A. High frequency reproduction relies on two D.A.S. M-75N compression drivers attached to a new BPS-2912 waveguide.  The three channel, high efficiency Class D amplifier design is equipped with a switch mode power supply (SMPS) and a comprehensive protection package for both the amplifier as well as the components. Channel one powers the low frequency way, channel two the mid-range with channel three powering the high frequency drivers. The Aero 40A incorporates the latest in digital signal processors. Brick wall FIR filters provide perfect alignment between ways achieving exceptionally uniform coverage all the way down to the crossover point.

The Aero 40A has been constructed using birch plywood and finished with the ISO-Flex black paint it offers excellent protection and durability. Three individual assemblies comprising the high frequency waveguide, the horn device for the 8” mid-range and the carrier for the 12” woofer are made from injection molded aluminum and attached to the front of the cabinet. A two-piece injected aluminium heat sink housing the amplifier and related electronics is attached to the rear of the cabinet. To provide both strength and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel has been used for the fasteners and major parts of the new rigging system.