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The Throwable Microphone

Catchbox is a soft, cube-shaped microphone, which is designed to be thrown from one participant to another. It works well for conferences, meetings, workshops and lectures - basically any event where the audience can ask questions and give feedback. The Catchbox is great for breaking down barriers and formalities to encourage contribution and make it fun to get involved.


The Catchbox LITE is a standalone wireless microphone system and works up to a 30m/100ft range, for groups of up to 100 people.


The Catchbox MOD has a range of up to 90m/300ft and works with your event audio visual setup. It requires a sound desk and a third-party belt-pack transmitter. Catchbox MOD is compatible with the major manufacturers (Shure, AKG, Sennheiser etc.).


Catchbox Plus

The Audience Engagement Solution with Large Coverage


Catchbox Plus is a complete wireless microphone system with increased coverage and rechargeable Li-ion battery for both large and small events. Add Wireless Charger for easier charging. Catchbox Plus allows you to connect two Catchbox transmitters to the same receiver simultaneously.

  • Audience size up to 1000
  • Range up to 100m / 328ft
  • 14h Battery life
  • Frequency: DECT 6.0 (USA), and DECT (EU and other regions)

Catchbox Plus Presenter Mic

Catchbox Plus Presenter Mic is a wireless belt-pack microphone for individual use on stage as Presenter Mic is compatible only with Catchbox Plus product family. It connects wirelessly to the Catchbox Plus Receiver - making it possible to operate both an Audience Mic and the Presenter Mic from the same Receiver.


There are several ways you can wear Catchbox Plus Presenter Mic. You can wear it around your neck using the lanyard. The best speaking distance using the built-in microphone is 20 cm or 8”. You can wear it attached to clothing - e.g. a belt or pocket and use an external mic. And if you know you’ll have more movement on the stage you can also connect the Presenter Mic to a headset.