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Torus T1215

For applications that typically require a throw between 15-30m, a full-blown line array is not always practical, optimal or affordable. Conversely, a point source solution may not be sufficient in coverage and SPL. TORUS is a constant curvature array, designed to fill that gap perfectly, combining optimised coverage, SPL and cost efficiency. T1215 offers a narrow vertical pattern of 15° with a flexible horizontal pattern that can be manually adjusted between 90°, 60° or 75° (Asymmetrical) via the Dynamic Horn Flare.

SXFC 118

The SXCF118 is a compact, high performance cardioid subwoofer. The flown version of the SXC118, it is the ideal partner for flown WPS arrays - combining maximum low frequency output with pattern control. It features an 18" (460mm) forward facing driver and a 14" (356mm) rear facing driver, each driven independently by separate amplifier channels and DSP. Each driver has its own chamber with optimised bass reflex porting.

eMotion LV1

eMotion LV1 is a fully modular software-based mixer, with your choice of 64, 32 or 16 stereo channels. It can run up to 8 plugins per channel and mix a total of 44 mix buses, facilitating 16 monitor mixes, 8 FX buses, 8 groups, 8 matrices, and LRCM masters, with the ability to connect and share up to 16 I/O devices. LV1's signature Waves Double Precision 32-bit floating point mixing engine is always ready to deliver pristine sound quality with up to 96 kHz sample rate.

Delta 930

The Delta 930 is a 2-way, full range line array cabinet containing 2x 10"" Low Frequency drivers and 1 x 1.4"" exit compression driver .The system can be used as main PA system with a minimum of 3 cabinets and maximum 16 cabinets per array. The Delta 930 Line Arrays are constructed of all Birch plywood and are Bi-amp switchable. They feature a unique central rigging system which makes them quick and easy to set-up. The Delta 910 is suited to a wide variety of applications. When played full range (55 Hz) at reasonable levels, it qualifies for applications where subwoofers are not required. Increased vertical coverage enables the Delta 910 to cover arenas, live performance venues and even stadiums with added speaker quantities. Other applications include clubs, corporate AV and House of Worship

Delta 10 4FS

The Delta 10 4FS is a powered 18" flyinge subwoofer, amplified by a 4 channel digital Class-D energy efficient amplifier module delivering 1500W per channel. The speaker, being from the "Delta Series" family can seamlessly be flown over the Delta 930 for Low frequency extensions. The Delta 10 4FS has a frequency range of 34Hz - 103 Hz, and is built in a Birch Plywood Enclosure, employing Speakon Sockets on either side to be easily stacked / flown in a cardioid set-up.The Delta 10 4FS, also has three amplifier channels, which can be used to power up the Delta 930 or the Delta 915 FS, making the system versatile and efficient.