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Vintage is a mamber of midiplus fancy series products it is a brand new way to express audio interface designed for fashion multimedia geeks. Big-small eye shaped design is inspired by tape. we especially set an electrical level screen to make interactions with users let them keep in touch with this cute buddy. With the spirit of classic revives. we are looking for a new possibility to mix retro elements with modern ways for the pro audio-entertainment crossed boundary market.



  • STUDIO 2 is an audio interface with 2 channel input and 2 channel output
  • Two high quality microphone amplifier, XLR/TRS mixed interface
  • Two 6.35 balance output
  • One stereo headphone output with gain control
  • Instrument input/ line input switching
  • MONO/Stereo monitor switching
  • Directly monitor control
  • Line output volume controlling knob
  • High precision ADC/DAC conversion


  • STUDIO 4 is an audio interface with 4 channel input and 4 channel output.
  • Two XLR/TRS mixed input interface, independent gain adjustment, with high resistance mode, you can connect it with guitar.
  • Two balance line input.
  • Four balance line output with zero-latency
  • Backlight led under the input gain knob, makes it easy to view the level of input signal.
  • Four groups of LED level indicator, display four monitor output levels at the real time.
  • Independent adjustment to volume of the monitor speaker
  • MONO/Stereo monitor switching
  • Input/output monitor switching MIDI input and output interface



A fun way to add visual flare as well as perfectly capture every detail of your performance. Mirror is an audio interface designed especially with your webcast self- karaoke channel in mind. Mirror is much more than just a fun novelty case. It brings crystal clarity to your web-stream with its high-quality analog to digital converters featuring 24bit depth and 192khz sample rate. One combi i/4' + xlr input provides connectivity for instruments and microphones alike. Universal compatibility is achieved with 10s. Android. mac. and pc based wee3casting platforms mirror is a part of midiplus fancy series. A product line dedicated to provide playful styling as well as high-quality audio capture to self-k webcasters everywhere.