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Pulz Keva

The Pulz Keva Coaxial Speaker System is designed to reproduce immersive audio soundtracks. Powered with a 5” high sensitivity low distortion woofer and 1” voice coil horn loaded tweeter of European origin, Keva is capable of reproducing very high SPL and uniform dispersion throughout the room due to its coaxial arrangement between woofer and tweeter.


Pulz AD4820 is a four channel power amplifier designed and built for applications where sonic transparency and robust high power output capability are the prime criteria. Built around an oversized classic toroidal power supply and ultra - linear Class AB output stage, Pulz AD4820 packs 2000 Watts of continuously deliverable clean audio in a 2U chassis. This is made possible by the innovative dynamic tracking power controller (DPT) which fluidly adjusts the power supply rails to track the signal. As a result unwanted power dissipation in the output stages is minimized by almost 80%. The Pulz AD4820 remains relatively cool even when driving the most demanding low impedance subwoofer loads. This approach is superior to the standard SMPS based power supplies which are prone to failures and compromise the sonic purity due to interferences. Channel independent soft clipping, level indicators, sensitivity selection, protection and high CMRR balanced input stages are the additional useful features which makes Pulz AD4820 outperform the standard amplifiers currently available.

Pulz Dss- 88 Speaker Management System

The Pulz DSS88 8-In, 8-Out Digital Speaker management system designed to deliver high quality processing and superb audio quality. Adequate control options are available for professional sound reinforcement in fixed and touring installations, nightclubs, large venue sound systems and more. The DSS88 features 24-Bit A/D converters 96kHz sampling rate and an array of DSP functions that include crossover, delay features, compression, limiting, feedback control features and much more. An intuitive 2 X 24 back-lit LCD display helps navigate options through its extensive feature set and is also easy to see in dimly lit venues. The DSS88 will store up to 30 total presets. A preset file captures all current settings and stores complete control data for all channels and all audio functions.

Pulz Isowave Cx12s - 12" Co-Axial 2 - Way Speaker System

The Pulz IsoWave CX12S 2-Way Speaker System design emphasizes on consistency, linearity of on and off axis response compared to designs utilizing offset drivers. The enhanced sonic accuracy of IsoWave system is possible due to the carefully integrated coaxial waveguide. The IsoWave CX12S incorporates a 12″ low distortion Low-Mid driver in conjunction with a coaxially mounted 1.75″ voice coil high frequency compression driver. The High frequency driver is loaded with a 90° X 60° waveguide. This can be rotated depending on the application which also acoustically loads the 12″ Low frequency driver. The system forms a high sensitivity, high SPL motor system with exceptional linearity and directivity control. The system is further loaded in bass reflex enclosure made of Birch plywood with MVC technology and tuned carefully to achieve low frequency extension. The speaker can be angled horizontally or vertically from 0° to +/-45° in increments of 9° to optimally achieve coverage with the help of additional C-bracket. The resultant frequency response is easy to equalize when required.


Pulz Quartet QM2 is an advanced true Line Source System is designed for easy powering, convenience in deployment and to deliver outstanding sound quality in large venues. It is powered with two high performance 8” Low-Mid drivers with a 1.75” voice coil compression driver of superior sonic quality. A specially designed waveguide loads the HF driver creating a true line source with minimum internal diffraction and associated distortions. The LF section is loaded in front and rear for optimum coupling and extended LF response. A minimum loss passive crossover integrates the HF and LF sections assisted by external digital processing to achieve flat frequency response. The speakers can be ground, stacked or flown with optional rigging accessories. Upto four Quartet QM2 boxes can be powered by a single channel of a high power amplifier, making the system easy to wire and deploy efficiently. The Quartet QM2 considers all the practical aspects of line source deployment yet not compromising on the ultimate sonic quality and long term consistent reliable performance.