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Ultra Fine Led Display

P1.5/P1.8/mm Indoor fully front access display.

The front serviceable Ultra HD LED screen cabinet has fully described the strength of its lightweight, met the needs of small spaces or where the needs of the cabinet thickness is needed, enhanced the vision of the space as well as its visionary effect. It allows for easy maintenance, saving time and labor on-site and offering the audience an excellent visual experience without any gaps and the LED display with ultra-high flatness.

High standard industry leading design, Top handle groove design, easy to carry. Hard magnesium alloy cabinet bottom case for better heat dissipation. Up and down, left and right fast lock design for convient installation and assemble.

Led Standee (P2.5, P3, P4 Indoor/Outdoor)

These Led Standee screen is specially designed to be lightweight, and the cabinet frame and LED parts focus on reliability and portability.Most slim and light weight design make the product easy to move and suitable for use in narrow space.

One Person Job, Easy Transport, save labor cost & time.LED Standee display supports Multi-installation Ways. This product is suitable for bracket standing installation, base-standing installation, lifting or hanging installation, multi cascade installation, and creative installation. No need for a steel structure, install the screen quickly and conveniently.

Cube Display (P2.5, P3, P4 indoor)

LED Cube Display Hexahedral LED Screen is Jona led’s creative LED display for creative advertising media, P2.5, P3, P4 LED cube display can be made by four faces LED display with pixel pitch of P2.5, P3, P4.

4 faces of LED Cube Display, can show 4 different videos respectively, and also can show 1 video as a whole.

The special design of the LED Cube Display structure gives the audience a significant feeling, make 100% attraction

Novastar H series

H Series is NovaStar’s flagship all-in-one video splicing processor, designed specifically for fine-pitch LED applications. It is the first All-in-One splicer and controller in the industry, which greatly simplifies system integration. With the leading image processing technology in the industry, H series can give you an astonishing visual effect, truly making it the perfect solution for fine-pitch LED applications.

H series supports numerous layers with an unrestricted arrangement. Each output daughterboard provides 16 layers (Up to 16 layers maximum per port). The layers can freely cross different output loading areas while keeping layer size the same. Layers can be in any position, overlapped, or unlimited scaled. It supports functions such as image capture, layer configuration, layer rotation, and more. This all helps you realize your creativity and create a captivating visual effect.

H Series achieves true 4K (4K x 2K@60Hz, RGB 4:4:4, 10bit) signal collection, processing, and output. It can be configured with DP1.2, HDMI2.0, or other high-definition 4K daughterboards to realize ultra-high-resolution display.

MX Series & VMP

VMP is an all-new display control software that integrates design, management, and monitoring into one single platform. When paired with the flagship MX Series controller and A10s Pro receiving card, an incredibly professional LED solution is realized, providing stunning image quality, precise color adjustment, and an intuitive software experience. This represents a totally new solution for managing high-end applications such as fine-pitch LED installation, studio broadcasting, touring, corporate events, virtual production and E-sports.

Supports phase offset and shutter fit, allowing the LED display to automatically adapt to camera exposure time and frequency, alleviating black field and scan lines from being captured by the camera when shooting the LED display.

22bit+, 64 times grayscale improvement, 0.002nits precise control, ultra-precise image for stunning realism.


The VX1000 is NovaStar’s new all-in-one controller that integrates video processing and video control into one box. VX1000 can be widely used in applications such as medium and high-end rental, stage control systems and fine-pitch applications. 10 Ethernet ports of output provide 6.5 million pixels of loading capacity A single unit can output a maximum width of 10,240 pixels, with a maximum height of 8,192 pixels 4K x 1K@60Hz high resolution input, 4K x 1K point to point display 3 x 4K layers, free scaling for each layer Video Controller, ByPass, Fiber Converter, free switching between three modes. Support for redundant input source, system configuration, ethernet ports, and devices Providing total security from start to finish.