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K-LA212-DSP is a 2-way active DSP-controlled line array speaker. The K-LA212-DSP incorporates a novel phase corrector, which shifts the center of the speakers closer to the center of the box. This same corrector optimizes the working frequency of the speaker and the waveguides system of the horn, getting a sum of +6dB on the entire response band thus creating a two-way coaxial system capable of achieving a consistent response across the horizontal plane coverage.

  • 600W RMS Class D amplifier from PASCAL
  • Customized drivers from BEYMA. 2x HF composite membrane HF (2.84” VC), and 2 x 12 LF drivers 12” drivers (3” VC)

EA Series

EA5 series is Audiocenter latest active speaker built with BrainCore™, innovative core application technology that researched and developed by Audiocenter with supreme performance and high reliability. EA5 Series have 6 models in total, EA508, EA510, EA512 & EA515 full range speaker matching with EA5118& EA5212 subwoofer. EA5 Series is specially designed for fixed installation like ballroom, meeting room, lecture hall, exhibition center, house of worship and touring performance like party, road show, seminar, speech, etc.

SA Series

Sa3 series is Audiocenter latest active DSP - controlled loudspeaker with high performance and high quality / price ratio. Sa3 is built with BrainCore™, which analyses and processes the input signal, DSP module and class D amplifier optimally, improving the audio performance of the system significantly. There are three models for SA3 series, including SA312 and SA3185 full range loudspeaker and SA3218 subwoofer. Sa3 is designed for fixed installation and touring performance, such as multi-conference room, house for workshop, museum, wedding, lecture, DJ, stage monitor etc.

L Series

L65 Column Speaker System is an Audiocenter latest active DSP Controlled PA System with portability and ultra Compact design. The system is designed with new modularization concept and built with BRAINCORE™ technology with supreme performance and high reliability. The maximum power of the system is upto 2500W.


Lavoce is proud to introduce the new and economical WXF Series of 15inch aluminium basket speakers for high output 2way and 3way cabinets. WXF15.400 (WXF15.350) is a compact 400W RMS driver, with 99dB sensitivity and an aluminium 3” voice coil, and the WXF15.800 is the larger 800W RMS driver with 98dB sensitivity and a 4” aluminium voice coil. Both speakers have optimised cooling systems to protect them and linear frequency responses which will compete with the best on the market, making them total value-for-money products.

MT Series

MT Series are the highest selling series of professional Amplifiers in its class in India, they offer a stupendous 99% reliability and the internal hardware is strong to handle the riggers of transportation, it has heart throbbing bass and when coupled with NX audio 18” bass drivers and has one of the highest quality to value for money ratio. MT1201 Transistor PCBs use highly stable ONSEM 28 nos NJW0302 & 28 nos NJW0281 output transistors to give outstanding power. Carling switch circuit breaker is used which ensures very good DC inrush protection. The lowest power consumption is less than 0.1A when working without load. MT series aims at mid end market segment and professional fixed installation market with people who have tight budgets and need stable and high quality amplifier it is great for large performances, discotheques , nightclubs, stadiums, cinemas and rental and live performances

RX Series

The RX series are tough nuts to crack. These are true workhorses and work very stably in extremely demanding situations. Typically Indian villages and even some towns have very low voltages and uneven frequencies, the RX is a sure shot bet and will deliver for sure. An OPEN challenge to any other amplifier in a similar price category to work as stably as the RX Series in similar tough situations. All the 4 RX models are equipped with independent switchable high and low pass filters on each channel so you can optimize the output for subwoofer or full range systems and they provide peak audio quality and performance from any speaker system you may be using. Do check the RX Series at a nearest NX Audio dealer and see for yourself the excellent performance.


NX Audio sound quality: Equipped with bigger power supplies and even greater efficiency Class H+ amplifier topology. Efficient cooling system: Unique, lightweight copper cooling system dissipates more heat to allow extended peak output. Adjustable parameters: Selectable Gain, scaleable Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL), and bridge-mode operation allow custom configuration Very high power and channel density: N14KMK2 delivers a total of 13200 watts @ 4 ohms in a light weigh compact 2U. Comprehensive protection and warning: Excessive output current, DC, high temperature, very high frequency (VHF), short circuit, open load, mains fuse protection, and soft start.

BX-U Series

NX Audio is known for its rugged & durable Audio products and customers can count on these series to serve them well for many years. Compared side-by-side to any other mixer in its class, the BX-U wins hands down for its features,warm tone and most important reliability.The BX-U series is an upgrade on the popular BX series with the addition of USB playback. The BX-U are very versatile and capable mixers offered at very economical prices.

  • Individual Gain, Bass, Mid, High Aux, Pan, Controls
  • Direct USB Playback
  • Digital 16 Bit Effect Processor with LCD
  • XLR Bal Outs & TRS Unbalanced Outs
  • Main (L+R), Phones & Master Effect
  • Extra Stereo In with volume control
  • Individual PFL, Echo, Peak, LEDs on each inputs
  • Phantom with LED for condenser mics
  • 11 x 2 Segment LED Level meter

PRO4000 Series

The PRO series from NX Audio can compete with the best in the business for sound quality, reliability and ruggedness, but are surprisingly light on your pockets. In the Pro series, you have 120 Scanable frequencies (2 sets of 60) and a superb 400-feet operating Range. The PCBs are SMT ensuring flawless performance and designed that to reject interference. The Pro series use Phase Lock Loop (PLL) technology for frequency control. PLL is a control system that generates an output signal whose phase is related to the phase of an input signal.The handheld vocal microphone is tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction even under extreme conditions.The LCD in transmitter displays Tuning, Channel, Lock, Mute, battery level etc. The entire package including the 2 transmitters in the PRO4000 and a single transmitter in the PRO600..


A great solution is neatly thought out keeping the value for money target in sight. The PVD58i series with SMT Circuit ensures flawless RF performance. The Line/ Mic selection coupled with XLR balanced output ensures reliabity and flexibility The high quality capsule gives you very crisp and clean reproduction on the handheld. PVD58 Series with True A & B circuit gets you a great distance of over 250 feet without any dropouts A great option is NANO5HS Headset which is so tiny that it is virtually not seen. (at an additional cost) .The entire set comes in a padded protective plastic flight case ensuring safety. Make the PVD 58i the cordless choice for your needs and you will have a great peace of mind.

  • SMD (Surface Mount Design) Technology for better flawless RF Performance and increased range. It also reduces RF Interferences
  • Dipole Antenna for better reception
  • Over 250 Feet Operating Range
  • Squelch Control
  • Gain & Volume Controls
  • S/N Ratio >100 dB
  • High Quality capsule


Frequency preparation:PLL
Mode FM
AF Response: 80Hz~15Khz(±3dB)
Distortion:   1%
Operating Temperature Range:-10oC~+40oC

RF out power: 11mW (10mW~30mW)
Spurious rejection:<-50dB
Battery:2*1.5V AA(Common), 2*1.2V AA (Rechargeable)
Cartridge: dynamic

Sensitivity :12dB   V (80dB S/N)
Sensitivity adjust range: 12~32dB   v
Audio out level:0~0.5V/600Ω
Audio out :0~0.5/5k

HAWK Series

Easy Control DSP with which you take total control of your sound. Press and rotate that's all. The graphic backlit display shows you what you select. Choose from several sound programs, edit the sound character and simply get started. With the Separately controllable inputs you decide if you want to connect a microphone, a mixer, an instrument or a player. On both input channels, you can choose if you want to connect a cable with XLR or 6.3 Jack connectors.

The speaker system are high- performance active speaker system in light weight and rugged plastic cabinets. They can be flexibly used for permanent installations and professional live applications. The speakers are designed as 2-way systems with connectors for microphones, Line sources and for coupling with other active speakers

INDRA Series

Nx Audios Indra-154 is one of the highest selling drivers in India. With years of R&D in speaker technology, Nx Audio have come out with a truly outstanding speaker. The Indra-154 is mainly used as a mid bass driver and works phenomenally with most well designed cabinets. The Indra-154 has a power output of 400W & a 3” Voice coil with amazing tonal quality and heavy duty material ensuring increased rigidity. “ A true phenomenon”


19” Professional PA Amplifier
6 Microphones, 2 Aux & 1 USB Input with FM Radio {only Rock-UR 3U}
Built-in MP3 USB player with Recording & Remote
Remote control for USB
Bass- Mid- Treble controls
Mid control especially enhances vocals
Reliable and strong grip terminal connectors
Preamplifier and Line Output for connecting to a Booster Amplifier and for recording the program.
Line Input for connecting the output from any external live mixer or connecting ROCK-UR series as a Booster Power Amplifier.
Resettable circuit breaker for protection against overload and short circuit.
Instant transfer to DC power (Car Battery) if AC power fails.
Box Speaker / Driver Unit selector switch. Bass boost defeated at Driver Unit position for safer operation of driver units

PULSE Series

PULSE-4B / PULSE-4W 2 Way Wall Speakers
5W / 10W / 20W / 40W (100V)
2.5W / 5W / 10W / 20W (70.7V)

PULSE-6B / PULSE-6W 2 Way Wall Speaker
20W / 40W / 80W (100V)
10W / 20W / 40W (70.7V)

PULSE-360 2 Way Wall Mount Speakers
Com - 4 Ohms direct connection
3.75W / 7.5W / 15W / 30W 100V)

PULSE-52W / PULSE-52B 2 Way Wall Speaker
Com - 4 Ohms direct connection
5W / 10W / 20W / 40W (100V)