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Hd HLS24

Revolutionary HybridLineSource-Technology.
The HybridLineSource is a new and worldwide unique loudspeaker system developed by Harmonic Design, which reduces the needed truck space dramatically and improves the quality of a public address system to a new level of uniformity and complete absence of distortions. The HybridLineSource System is equipped with two specially designed high performance 12“ neodymium low frequency chassis and reaches already a sensitivity of 108dB in the low-mid-frequency range.

Efficiency Re- Defined.
The innovative and unique hybrid horn-loaded-, vented-, coaxial- and LineArray- enclosure design ensures seamless efficiency, most compact dimensions and undistorted high SPL - 144dB.

Easily Combinable.
The mechanical structure allows the use on a speaker stand or flown vertical arrays.

Reliable and Audiophile.
Operation takes place with Harmonic Design system amplifiers and guarantees outstanding performance and compatibility even in the worst circumstances as well as highest efficiency in terms of power consumption, truck space and output level.

Sound with System.
There are perfectly matched hd TourSys systems comprised of top loudspeakers, subwoofers and system amplifiers as complete Allround-PA systems avaliable. Several TourSys systems may be combined to realize shows with up to 5.000 listeners.


  • passive 2-way loudspeaker with 2x 12“N / 4x 1.4“N
  • coverage 100° x 40°
  • undistorted sound up to 144 dB
  • innovative hybrid horn-, vented-, coaxial-, LineArray-design
  • integrated 3-Point FastRig-Rigging
  • weight 45 kg

Hd Infra218

The hd Infra218 is a high-performance subwoofer using hybrid enclosure design for reproducing extended low frequencies down to 32Hz. The compact dimensions, coupled with exceptional headroom and minimized distortion makes the hd Infra218 a flexible tool for applications of large-scale tours and installations where high directivity control, extremely low-end and high SPL is required.

An optimally tuned, vented and hybrid horn loaded cabinet houses two linear, high-excursion 18-inch cone drivers. A large air-vent optimized port in the middle ensures a perfect coupling to the air while retaining minimum distortions. The Infras218´s 28 Hz to 100 Hz operating frequency range complements other Harmonic Design loudspeakers, allowing it to integrate smartly with LineArrays. Its cardioid directivity pattern works already with two or three stacked hd Infra218 down to 70 Hz respectively 55 Hz in front radiating mode. Protective, plastic skids are included on the bottom of the cabinet that securely align with the cabinet‘s top slots. Units can be stacked normally or reversed for cardioid configurations. A separate Speakon connector is integrated in the front grill for easy setup of cardioid configurations.

hd HLS24-TourSys2 ( HIGHLIGHT)

Allround PA-System

  • 2x hd HLS24P HybridLineSource 4x hd Infra218 Hybrid Subwoofer 1x hd X4 system amplifier
  • live music, DJ and speech up to 1.500 people
  • compact dimensions, light-weight and easy handling
  • extreme high SPL
  • remote surveillance & remote control
  • plug & play
  • system power: 12.800Wrms

hd MP-Series

The hd MP10N, hd MP12N and hd MP15N are full range cabinets that have been specifically designed and optimized to be true a real multi-purpose loudspeaker for permanent installation and mobile applications. The innovative acoustic design achieves a true linear response – not only in terms of flat frequency response, but also in the dynamic range and every other acoustic parameter. The new neodymium high frequency driver is coupled to a large, rotatable horn with a particularly low crossover frequency, which guarantees a high directivity and controlled radiation behavior in the important voice range. Three different horn variants allow different horizontal and vertical dispersion patterns of 80° x 80°, 90° x 60° or 60° x 40°.

The acoustical and mechanical design guarantees a coherent, free of interference and balanced reproduction of different music styles and sounds even without additional DSP. Harmonic Design® MPs can easily be connected to any standard power amplifier. Noteworthy is the unique reproduction of transients and the tonal depth and clarity of effects. The SuperVented cabinet design combined with an extremely resilient voice coil paired with the neodymium magnet geometry assembly of the latest technology makes the hd MP-Series a dynamic full range loudspeaker.

The rounded and asymmetrical enclosure is made of high-quality birch multiplex and is provided with a weatherproof polyurethane coating. A powder-coated steel grille with acoustic foam on the inside protects the drivers. An ergonomic handle for transport is placed on top of the cabinets.

hd C-Series

The hd C-Series is a product family of high-end Commercial Sticks specially designed for the usage with standard A/V-receivers and amplifiers. The lightweight and elegant column speakers with their exclusive aluminum enclosure can be integrated seamless into any room architecture. For best integration custom sizes i.e. various equipping or lengths and colors are available. A passive frequency- and phase-optimized crossover that is integrated into the aluminum profile allows the operation directly with the power output of standard A/V-receivers or control systems.

The hd C-Series CommercialSticks is according to the true 1-way design free of interference in the important mid-range because there are no phase delays in the crossover that typical 2-way systems have. The result is an outstanding sound quality in music and speech, extended dynamic and even coverage of audience areas. This is how surround-effects reach an unprecedented level of depth, spatial reproduction and audiophile class. Extremely powerful subwoofer with up to 1000W extend the low frequency sound experience down to the subsonic range.The hd C-Series can be easily installed and mounted flexible. The loudspeaker can be aligned best with the decent spherical joint wall mount or with L-angles and two M6 threads on top and bottom with minimum space requirement. Applications in existing or newly designed, distributed systems may be realized with the optional 100V-version.

hd Slim265

The hd Slim265 design subwoofer is an unobtrusive sub low extension for all hd columns speakers from hd C-/M-/ML-/PL- and Beam-Series and extends the frequency range down to 55 Hz. The two 6″-long-excursion loudspeakers are specially designed for small enclosure volumes and still offer great performance with a single-role-surrounding, ferrite-magnet-system and ventilation at the pole piece for an optimum thermal dissipation at minimum power-compression. The improved cooling increases the durability and reliability of the subwoofer. Excellent dynamics and tight impulse response are the properties of the hd Slim265. The extreme low-slung cabinet design less than 102 mm enables various mounting solutions in different orientations within the room that the hd Slim265 won´t be recongnized as a speaker. The golden terminal blocks and additional mounting points are placed depending on the desired mounting position as overhead installation, downfire or basement integration to ensure its elegant appearance.

  • 2x 6“ Long-Excursion Subwoofer 300 W / 600 W
  • frequency range from 55 Hz
  • various mounting options
  • unobtrusive design
  • ultra compact dimensions
  • sub low extension for hd columns

Dare Audio Series 8 Line Array Systems

Introducing High Quality Active Line Array Systems with built in Digital Networking Transmission Modules. Dare Audio is a very young company making a mark Globally in the market of Loudspeaker Systems. With a strong R&D facility and immense technical knowledge, Dare Audio has introduced a range of Line Array Systems equipped with the latest technology of Active network transmission modules built into the Speakers. Highlight of the Range is the L8-24 Full Range Dual 12” tops clubbed with the S8-24 Single 24” Subwoofers.

L824 is a long-distance active line array full range speaker. Size can be deceiving as it operates at a very high SPL! Designed for large scale outdoor concerts or stadium setups. SPL of 2 arrays i.e. 8 speakers (4 speakers in an array) can reach upto 126dB at 125m distance.

Each L824 speaker has 2 high efficiency 12in LF-Driver and 2 X 1.8in HF-Driver. Total output power of the system is 2800W.

The vertical coverage is set at 15 deg. to reduce the unnecessary sound reflex and interference between the speakers. Four Numbers of L824 speakers clubbed with one S824 subwoofer (weight 65kg) would create a frequency response of 22-22kHz. However the setup would weigh a mere 150 Kilograms.

110 deg. Horizontal coverage provides for wider sound coverage.

The L824 is Upgradeable to active analog input ,active network transmission power module or active wireless transmission system from standard passive.

4 DIP switches at the rear panel of power amplifier module are provided for fast audio signal selection in a Networking System.

RJ45 connector for signal transmission, can be connected in a daisy chain.

The Dare Subwoofers are versatile and can be used in multiple ways. The Subs are designed to pair with the Full Range Line Array Tops by Ground Stacking. They could even be setup as a separate Subwoofer Array. The Subwoofers are Upgradeable to active analog input ,active network transmission power module or active wireless transmission system from standard passive.

RJ45 connector for signal transmission, can be connected in a daisy chain.


L910/918 are designed for mid to long distance requirements. The Speakers are extremely versatile and can be used for multiple purposes namely Small Outdoor Concerts as Line Arrays, Theatres and Auditoriums as they can be suspended, Small and Medium sized venues like clubs and pubs.

2 arrays (4 speakers in an array) 8 pcs L910 can achieve an SPL of 117dB at 80m distance.

Each L910 speaker has One high efficiency 10inch LF-Driver and Two -1 inch NdFeB HF-Driver that gives an output of 1000W. Each L910 Top weighs a mere 13 Kilograms.

Four L910 Tops are Paired with Two L918 Subwoofers in an ideal setup along with an A910A Dare Amplifier with DSP presets. This basic setup is capable of achieving a frequency range of 30-22Khz and the entire system weighs only 110Kilograms.


The Most Affordable Line Array system with a built in Networking Transmission System delivering superior performance to medium to large audiences.

RT12:18 are Fully Active Network Transmission Line Arrays RT12:18 are designed for mid to long distance requirements. The Speakers are extremely versatile and can be used for multiple purposes namely Small Outdoor Concerts as Line Arrays, Theatres and Auditoriums as they can be suspended, Small and Medium sized venues like clubs and pubs.

Each RT12 speaker has One high efficiency 12inch LF-Driver and Two -1.8 inch NdFeB HF-Driver.

Each L910 Top weighs a mere 16 Kilograms.

Eight RT12 Tops are Paired with Four RT18 Subwoofers in an ideal setup along with a Cante networking and a DSP88 Controller loaded with presets.


Designed Specifically for Clubs and Installations, the Club Series caters to all kinds of Installation requirements. The Full Range speakers are available in sizes Ranging from 6” all the way to 15” meeting all kinds of requirements ranging from small to big sizes. Subwoofers ranging between 12” until 24” are provided to Match the Full Range Tops.

The Subwoofers come in Passive as well as Active formats. The Active Subwoofers can power the Tops which reduces the need of an amplifier in certain Club Setups.

The Club Series Speakers are designed aesthetically to compliment Interiors of multiple setups.