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PRV Audio left no boxes unchecked on the new 18SW3600 subwoofer. It features high power handling, 4.5" inner and outer wound voice coil, fiberglass fiber former, powerful optimized ferrite motor, ribbed paper cone and waterproof cone treatment - all specially designed to provide powerful and accurate sub-bass frequencies with low distortion and low power compression.

Thanks to the optimized ferrite motor assembly of 30 mm, the 18SW3600 is lighter than a comparable ferrite driver at this power handling, making it perfect for mobile DJs and portable PA systems where the highest power handling is wanted with minimum weight.

A double silicon spider system ensures excellent control during large excursions of 54 mm peak-to-peak excursion before damage. A fully optimized T-pole design generates the minimum amount of flux modulation. The new dual forced cooling system guarantees a very efficient voice coil ventilation for minimum power compression and incredible power handling.


The new 21SW3000-NDY-4 is an advanced, high-strength Neodymium subwoofer driver featuring 4.5” inside/outside copper coil with an unique dual forced design ventilation system. This combination deliveries 1500 Watts RMS power handling and a minimum weight of 24 lbs. making this subwoofer an unique product in his category.

The combination of special treated carbon fiber loaded cone assembly, large triple roll surround and a double silicon spider gives the 21SW3000-NDY-4 remarkable strength and excursion control under its large 13.2 mm Xmax.

Perfect for high output concert and nightclub applications due to its efficiency that’s been designed to provide powerful and accurate sub-bass frequencies with low distortion and low power compression.

Elan Series Loudspeakers

The PRV Audio 12MR2000 mid-bass woofer offers outstanding durability and is our most powerful midrange driver. This woofer is great for high power 2 or 3- way systems and produces excellent vocal support for stage monitors.

A specially designed spider suspension is assembled with a special resin improving the resistance against failure during intense use. The reinforced surround offers smooth accurate geometry during hard play.

The 12MR2000 offers a large 4” CCAW voice coil that will results in very high efficiency while providing smooth and accurate bass response.

The extra thick and stiff, yet light weight cone provides an excellent curve response linear through 5.000kHz and makes the 12MR2000 a very good solution for high quality two or three way systems and low mounting depth makes it perfect for stage monitors. It has also become a highly used woofer for extreme car audio installs.

The magnet assembly attached to a sturdy reinforced cast aluminum frame completes the 12MR2000 to ensure a solid support structure, for long lasting play in most any environment.


The D4400Ti 2” exit Titanium High Frequency Driver is the latest improved version of our D4260Ti. The new improved magnet and plates design result in more energy into the gap, higher sensitivity, lower distortion and better overall performance. These modifications combined result in better control diaphragm displacement and deformation.