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RR 212hl

A rental company's business is not about the product they use but is dictated by what brand is in use adding up to an expensive and, at times, unused inventory. The RR 212hl has simplified this. It delivers a versatility level with variable dispersion horn angles, enabling installers and contractors to use a hang of up nine compact, powerful, and proportionally-sized cabinets per side. This relatively light and compact RR series system brings the next level of clarity and directivity control.

RR 212 HL is used as a single unit or in arrays of up to nine cabinets (three wide and three deep) with a three-deep center fill. It represents a unique design concept that provides an unusually high degree of rigging flexibility and three available coverage patterns. This premium product offers improved dynamic performance, including reduced distortion and power compression.

The three-way cabinet measures 10 dB less distortion between 1 and 3 k over conventional cabinets. This design has enough headroom for minimum distortion.

The use of a CSC Maestro MS 26 controller is a recommended choice with the RR 212Hl. Customized presets for all combinations are available with the system. Contrabass CR 218s, CB 215s, RR 218s, RRH 218s sub-woofers couple seamlessly with the Cello RRi 21s.


For a sound system engineer, whether an installed sound or touring system, only one thing matters: "The Show Must Go On." A pro-audio system, coupled with the high-performance professional loudspeakers, demands high-performance amplification. CSC HPA series amplifiers are best suited for both install and touring verticals.


  • Large thermal headroom
  • High current
  • Sonic performance
  • Ease of service
  • Reliability

HPA series amplifiers are a combination of Linear Power Supply mated with high-efficiency Class-D output stage. The PCB design is fairly modular. On-field replacement is as easy as unscrewing a few fasteners, dropping in a new PCB, and you are back in business.

MS 26

CSC MS 26 is a digital audio loudspeaker management system with 2 inputs and 6 outputs, USB interface and a provision for 2 remote volume controls. Ports (0-10VDC).

Key Features

  • 2 inputs x 6 outputs audio processor
  • All inputs and outputs are balanced
  • Control and mute buttons on the front panel
  • Polarity in each input and output
  • 4 parametric EQ filters per input
  • 8 parametric EQ filters per output
  • Linkwitz-Riley, Butterworth, Bessel filters on outputs with 48 dB / oct slopes
  • Delay up to 1000 ms on each input and output
  • Compressor / limiter on all outputs, including make-up gain.
  • 3 link groups (output channels link)
  • 24 bits / 48 kHz DSP processing
  • Lovely blue front panel LCD display with 2x20 characters
  • 4 front panel configuration keys and a digital encoder
  • USB interface
  • System templates to create user configurations
  • 20 user presets
  • Password protection system with 2 security modes

CC 8

Coaxially mounted, CSC CC8 is for loud background or foreground music. With its compact profile, it is a winner when it comes to A/V applications and corporate meetings. Combined with any of the Contrabass subs, Cello CC 8 is ideal for small, high energy lounge with low ceiling restrictions. As a standalone loudspeaker, it finds application for infills in a distributed sound system. This compact cabinet can be used with or without a sub-woofer, depending on the application

Cello CC 8 is a seriously powerful loudspeaker with a 250-watt engine. The two-way, passively crossed-over coaxial loudspeaker has an integrated 8" (200 mm) LF and a 1" (25 mm) exit HF. Ideal point source with the LF and HF mounted on the same axis, eliminates off-axis variations, optimizes and improves the audio field; its high-quality, transparent timbre allows customers to enjoy a powerful, clear, and natural sound system.

The specialized and phase-optimized crossover network ensures minimum loss and maximum clarity with a 90-degree conical dispersion.

CF 12

The CSC CF 12 is a powerful, versatile, two-way passive cabinet designed to provide exceptional sound reinforcement. Perfect for a pounding nightclub or a critical opera, the cabinet is uncolored and transparent. Crafted in Baltic Birch, it is perfectly designed for installation and can double up as a stage monitor for mobile use. It has the flexibility to suit even the most demanding applications. Its natural flat response makes it perfect for use even without any subwoofers. The cabinet's design focuses on delivering clarity and ensuring the minimization of heat build-up within the enclosure with no compromise on transient response. It features a powerful 12" (300 mm) low-frequency driver and a 1" (25mm) compression driver with a 1.7" (44 mm) voice coil mounted on a constant directivity 60° x 50° horn. Additionally, the LF driver and HF horn are crossed over through there optimally designed crossover design.

The cabinet can be plugged and played perfectly well out of the box. For demanding applications, use the CSC Maestro MS 26 controller with its EQ and limiter functions. Contrabass CB 15s, CB 215s, CR 18s, CR 218s, RRH 218s, RR 218s, and RR 215s are a perfect match for CF 12.

CR 18s

Contrabass CR 18s is a 800 Watt, low profile sub-woofer suitable for both installation and touring. It uses a single 18” driver with an industry standard 4” voice coil. It extensively adds more bass dynamics to the sound system, while improving the mid clarity by taking the tension away from the smaller mid drivers on the main cabinets. For demanding applications, the CSC Maestro MS 26 Controller is configured to perform and its EQ and limiter functions are preloaded in the controller. CC 8, CF 10, CF 12, CF 15 and CF 12h are a perfect match for CR 18s.