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Studiomaster Professional Clio Series Active Loudspeakers with Class DAmplification

Powered loudspeakers from Studiomaster Professional are extremely popular with Indianpro audio users. To strengthen its offerings further, Studiomaster Professional introduced theClio series – high-performance 2-way bi-amplified active loudspeakers. The series features 3models,Clio 154(15” 400W RMS),Clio 124(12” 325WRMS) andClio 84(8” 200W RMS)

At the heart of the Clio series loudspeakers is a digital class D amplification that is carefullyengineered for maximum efficiency and punch. This also makes them lightweight, aiding ineasy transportation. They also feature easy DSP sound presets such as flat, speech, music,live, and club.

The Clio series speakers feature a built-in USB/SD card MP3 media player with playbackcontrol and Bluetooth and multiple wired input and output connectivity options. Clio series isalso one of India’s first professional loudspeakers systems to feature True Wireless Stereo(TWS) pairing. Packed with abundant features, these powered loudspeakers are ideal for amyriad of live, touring, installation, and other outdoor mobile PA applications.

Studiomaster Professional Muse 81 Active Trolley Loudspeaker

Following the immense success of the Muse 61 speaker, Studiomaster Professionalexpanded the series with the addition of the powerfulMuse 81- a versatile portable wirelessPA active trolley loudspeaker system. The speaker features a built-in rechargeable battery, awireless microphone, True Wireless Stereo (TWS) pairing, a unique Sing-along mode, andan MP3 media player-cum-recorder with Bluetooth.

The Muse 81 has abundant wired input options with a built-in echo/delay EFX processor anda 2-band EQ. The loudspeaker can also be powered using a commonly-available 12V DCcar/motorcycle battery, making the Muse 81 truly India-ready, especially in areas where poorpower supply and frequent outages are regular. Housed in a sturdy PP+ABS cabinet, thespeaker sports an integrated carry and a trolley handle with wheels for easy transportation.Packed with features to the brim, the Muse 81 is a unique and cost-effective option for tourguides, musicians, schools, classrooms, coaching classes, small businesses, and anendless list of mobile PA applications.

Studiomaster Professional Orb 402 SC Mixer with Dual Recording Option

Earlier this year, Studiomaster Professional launched theOrb 402 SC- a compact 4 channelmixer with dual functionality of playback and recording on a pen drive or on a PC via USBaudio interface. The mixer comes with two USB audio interfaces, one on the front panel andone on the rear. As the USB audio interfaces are class-compliant, no separate drivers arerequired, making it compatible with virtually any DAW or software application.

Leveraging a high-resolution 24-bit/48kHz sampling rate, the Orb 402 SC integrates aDSP-based Multi-EFX processor with 24 presets and the ability to route the processed signalto monitor via AUX. Designed to be compact, the Orb 402 SC has abundant input, outputand routing options. Other features include high definition preamps, +48V phantom powersupply and responsive 60mm faders. With an ergonomically-angled design, classy sidecheeks and compact form factor for desktop use, the Orb 402 SC is ideal for musicians,podcasters, content creators,YouTubers, audio conferencingapplications and much more.

Studiomaster Professional X 35 4 Channel DJ Mixer with Media Player & Bluetooth

Stduiomaster Professional is pleased to bring you the X 35 - a 4 channel DJ mixer with abuilt-in USB MP3 media player & Bluetooth wireless streaming. The mixer ships with acompact Infrared (IR) remote controller for easy playback and control.

The X 35 has 3 RCA inputs from which 2 inputs sport phono preamps. It has a balancedXLR mic input with gain and 2-band EQ. One of the standout features of the X 35 is the3-band kill EQ that attenuates up to -30 dB, aiding in a seamless mixing experience. Foroutput connectivity, there is a balanced XLR and separate master, record and booth RCAconnectors. For easy monitoring, the X 35 has a front panel ¼“ headphone output with cuemix with blend options. The crossfader of the mixer is super responsive and comes with 4modes that are reverse, normal, flat and steep. Mixing on the X 35 is effortless thanks to theultra-smooth and sturdy faders.

Stduiomaster Professional ZT 22 Dual UHF Headworn Rechargeable WirelessMicrophone System

Studiomaster Professional brings you ZT 22 - Dual UHF headworn rechargeable wirelessmicrophone system. This unique model is one of India’s first wireless microphone systemsthat does not require an external bodypack transmitter and also one with rechargeablebatteries across the board. All the wireless technologies are integrated into the compactmicrophone transmitter and receiver units, making it fully plug-and-play. The headwornmicrophone unit is lightweight, comfortable and stays securely in place even duringfast-paced movements. The microphone itself features a unidirectional pickup pattern todeliver an exceptional speech and vocal clarity.

Thanks to a reliable UHF band operation, you can deploy up to 8 sets or 16 microphones atthe same location with a wide operating range of up to 30 meters. Designed for mobility, theZT 22 is ideal for presentations, live performances, singing, speech, classrooms, trainingcentres, houses of worship, fitness centres, retail point of sale counters, tour guides and anendless list of mobile PA applications.