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The AERONS AI series range of installation speakers have been designed for every architectural aesthetic, structural & performance requirement. The series is housed in compact forms that fit into tight spaces, corners & all the variables structural designs.AI-28 is a passive, compact trapezoidal, point-source cabinet ideally suited to background music, infill for portable and fixed installation use. The discreet design with polyurea paint finish and multiple integrated fixing points achieves a high class look suitable for any application. The long rectangular shape of the AI-28 makes it ideal for mounting on Columns. With a 90° x 50° horn loaded tweeter, the internal passive crossover ensures a flat, usable frequency response of 80 Hz to 18 kHz (-10 dB) and a maximum SPL of 126 dB (peak). The discreet look makes them fit any style of décor. Custom RAL colours are available on request to make their appearance even more seamless with the surroundings. Using two custom 8” drivers, one speaker is for low mids and other coaxial speaker for mids-high, creating a level of clarity and detail which is rare in a cabinet of this size.


AI 118SUB is a compact, 6th order Bandpass subwoofer, designed for installation or portability. With exceptional low frequency of 40 Hz and fast response time of the 8 ohms, 18” driver, the AI 118SUB is capable of 133 dB SPL. Weighing 37kg with integrated handles this product is perfect for portable use. AI118SUB is a 6th order Bandpass subwoofer designed to be used with the AI series of mid high cabinets extending low frequency response. This conventionally shaped cabinet can be hidden against a wall or under seating. When used in multiples the AI 118SUB can cover a large room and still blend in nicely to the interior. The discreet design with reticulated foam front and acrylic textured paint finish and multiple integrated fixing points achieves a high class look suitable for any application.Bandpass Enclosure Design are extremely efficient, creating maximum bass output within a specific frequency range by increasing the acoustic load presented to the driver.


The NF-6BT comprises one 6″ low/mid-woofer with one 1″ Compression driver and is equipped with a multitap transformer. Its available in Black colour so can be used indoor and outdoorHigh durability and superior performance with full sound over a large listening area. It has a sturdy structure and IP rated system which can be used both indoors and outdoors, being able to withstand the elements. Also, its elegant and discreet design makes it the ideal speaker for outdoor installations such as beach clubs, pools, cruise ships and terraces.The NF-6BT can be set up either vertically or horizontally. The body is made of engineered plastic injection moulding and polypropylene guaranteeing complete protection against ultraviolet rays. The grille is perforated aluminium, internally covered in waterproof fabric and open cell expanded polyurethane.The system conforms to IP46 international standard.



The AA 6F brings together best-in-class components as it features the use of Faital PRO's acclaimed 6FE100 midrange mid-bass driver, working seamlessly with a high-quality custom-designed rotatable horn and the high-performance DE250 compression driver – both from reputed Indian manufacturer Aerons India. The precise tuning of these components means that the AA 6F assures defined and accurate dispersion with 80° x 50° coverage; while the internal passive crossover has been harmonized to ensure a flat, usable frequency response of 54 Hz to 18 kHz (-10 dB) with a maximum SPL of 115 dB (peak). This ensures that the AA 6F can deliver the kind of crisp and detailed soundscape that is rarely seen in other loudspeaker models in its class. Also, since all models of the AA Series share the same voicing characteristics, this means that system designers can instinctively use the AA 6F simultaneously with other members of the AA series and stay assured of maintaining a consistent tonal signature across the space.

AA B10

Smoothly blending in with the widest variety of décor; the aesthetically elegant Audible Avenue AA B10 ultra-compact discreet style 10” reflex tuned omni directional subwoofer that is designed to be used with other members of the AA series of mid high cabinets in a variety of permutation and combinations, as it extends impeccable low frequency response that adds life to a venue's soundscape.Leveraging the exceptional low frequency of 42 Hz and fast response time of the distinguished 10” 10RS350 excursion driver from Faital PRO in 6th order band pass, the AA B10 is capable of delivering a max SPL of 120 dB (peak) with max power of 600watts. This invariably translates into a more smoother and consistent sound experience without dead spots. And when used in multiples, the AA B10 can effortlessly cover a large room and still blend in nicely to the interior.


AUDIBLE AVENUE V4000, the new model of high-output, competitively priced professional constant-voltage amplifier. It delivers clean, high-degreed sound reproduction, and reliability you expect. V4000 offers new flexibility and value for installed sound, delivering 1,200W at 8Ω and 2,000W at 4Ω; Its high-power output provides an affordable solution to drive subwoofers at both 8Ω and 4Ω loads. With power levels and features carefully chosen to perfectly integrate into touring performance and fixed install design requirements.The constant voltage output port also has the function of automatically limiting the output power. The high-precision mutual inductor is used to sample the current to ensure that when the constant voltage port is incorrectly connected/overloaded, the power output can be automatically adjusted so that the power amplifier is always in a safe working mode, and the product reliability is improved.


L65+L65A Column System

L65+L65A system is a compact multi-purpose active DSP column system, consisting of a passive full-range column speaker L65 and a multi-channel digital power amplifier L65A with switching power supply and built-in DSP. L65 passive full-range column speaker is built with 6pcs 5" customized Audiocenter ferrite drivers and 4pcs 1" customized Beyma ferrite drivers. The drivers are designed with sophisticated measurement and arranged elaborately by physical calibration technology Phycal™ to improve vertical acoustic beam coverage. The ETE™ waveguide system developed by Audiocenter forms cylindrical wave, then couples continually, working together with customized horn design to realize the perfect joint of frequency response, which provides the accurate horizontal coverage and ensures the well-balanced, clear and clean sound. L65 can meet the reinforcement application in different venues and complex space. L65A multi-channel digital power amplifier with switching power supply and built-in DSP is attached to the bottom of L65 and used together with L65 to meet the different requirements of various applications. L65+L65A column system is flyable with customized flying frame. It can also be pole mounted. It can be used as main P.A or as side fill, delay etc according to different applications.


The innovative BraincoreTM technology and built-in powerful DSP processor improve the performance of the speaker. With CortTM correction technology and LimitaTM processing technology, the system works with safety and reliability and achieves supreme performance. Thanks to the innovative ETETM wave guide design and technology, the system can achieve supreme sound performance, perfect sound coverage and excellent frequency response. With moulded wave guide and moulded horn to provide precise horizontal coverage and ensure clear and balanced sound for the system.The cabinet is made with excellent wood, customized moulded material, unique physical acoustic design, which make the outlook very fashionable, solid and also can lower the resonance.K-LA12A speaker can fly with 10mm pin and customized flying frame. The integrated strong hardware makes the set up much easier and faster. Users can make free combinations for bigger or smaller system to meet the different application demands.