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Raikot, near Hari Singh Nalwa Chowk, PS - City Raikot, District - Ludhiana, Punjab, 41109.

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Booth No: H81

Hall No: 1


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KEY HIGHLIGHTS : 12AN600 and 18AN1500

AV Pro speakers will introducing a wide range of neodymium speakers for INDIAN users in Affordable price at Palm 2019. Specially design for indian conditions. Our goal is to make a BEST products for our indian customs ( MADE IN INDIA FOR INDIA ).

#AV pro (Active voice professional) is a well known speaker manufacturer company from last 15 years. #AV pro is introducing a wide range of neodymium and ferrite magnet drivers for pro audio in affordable prices at Palm 2019 Hall no-1 Booth no D-88. Our goal is to make good quality products. It is a MADE IN INDIA product with international standards.

We are coming with many models with different range some of our new and key models are 12AN600 :- 600W RMS, 1200W program power, 76.2 mm voice coil.
(specially for line arrays)

  • 12AN1000:- 1000W RMS, 2000W  program power 102.3 mm voice coil.
  • 15AN600:- 600W RMS, 1200w program power, 76.2 mm voice coil.
  • 15AN1000:- 1000W RMS, 2000W program power, 102.3 mm voice coil.
  • 18AN1200:- 1200W RMS, 2400W program power, 102.3 mm voice coil.
  • 18AN1500:- 1500w RMS, 3000W program power with 115.3 mm HIGH Temperature voice coil.

12AN600 neodymium driver is one of the Best product for high - mid applications. It delivers 600W RMS, 1200W Program power. It can be used for #line arrays #Point source etc. It's design make driver more reliable during LONG play and hard play. It is a 1st choice for a loud music lovers.

18AN1500 neodymium driver is a BASS MONSTER with 1500W RMS, 3000W Program power. You can feel his power. It is really an Earth Shaker. It can easily full fill your low frequency requirements for any time anywhere.