30-31 May - 01 June, 2024

About The Event

The expo is host to a vibrant exchange of information through immensely successful PALM highlight features, with the Live Rigging & Trussing Workshop being one of it. This feature caters to trussing and lighting riggers to sound and projections specialists, by presenting live safety demos on truss and rigging-based safety protocols and best practices, as also workshops on a range of topics.

This year the PALM Rigging & Trussing Workshop is Curated by EESA (Event Equipment Services Association) and powered by Natura, wherein they will present live demos on working at height, basic rescue techniques, understanding the need and usage of load cells, run a workshop on trussing & rigging, ground support load calculations, electrical distribution, pyro safety for technical equipment suppliers and event productions teams.

Workshop Presenters

Speaker 6

Adam Beaumont

Chainmaster GmbH

Speaker 6

Azan Morani

Morani Fireworks

Speaker 6

Sameer Sawant

Consulting Structure Engineer

Speaker 6

Rohit Shikhare

Jio World Convention Centre

Speaker 6

Vaibhav Kapoor

Third Wave Services

Workshop Schedule

Let’s understand why we do what we do, whether you are an event planner, a production company, or a technical equipment supplier, we all want to experience new things and in turn want to provide it to our clients, we are constantly searching for the next new unique experience. We at EESA have taken up the task of creating standards for the Indian Entertainment Industry and will be working towards creating awareness campaigns on safety and best practices. The PALM Live Rigging Workshop will be running multiple sets of demonstrations/workshops.

Presentation 1:


  • An introduction to basic safety while installing trussing and erecting temporary structures safely by Mankaran Singh from Men at Work
  • Reviewing ground support systems (Box Trusses)
  • Simple checklists while building ground support systems (Box Trusses)
  • Correct usage of rigging hardware
  • Correctly identifying the various parts of a ground support system
  • Importance of ballasts & guys wires

Presentation 2:


  • An introduction to load cells by Avishkar Tendle from Natura
  • How to read and understand Truss Load Tables
  • How do load cells work
  • Why use load cells

Presentation 3:


  • How to prevent eventualities in events by Sameer Sawant - Consulting Structure Engineer
  • Reasons for insisting on stability certificates for temporary structures in events
  • Case study of structural aspects for an event involving rigging

Presentation 4:


  • An introduction to temporary power distribution by Vaibhav Kapoor from Third Wave Services
  • Understanding safety standards
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Equipment selection and installation
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Emergency procedures
  • Personnel training
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Case studies and lessons learned

Presentation 5:


  • An introduction to pyro safety by Azan Morani from Morani Fireworks
  • Factors to consider while selecting a site for fireworks show
  • Company selection - Judging the company’s expertise and past experiences to ensure creativity and safety is not compromised
  • Cold Pyro: Oxymoron? - Is there any such thing as a cold pyro? The term wrongly used in India that sends a false sense of the products’ actual risks

Presentation 6:

Details: Adam Beaumonth from Chainmaster GmbH will present:

  • Electric chain hoists, safe and proper use - Electric chain hoists are strong and robust, which is an absolute must when we consider they are used to suspend heavy loads above people. These hoists can take a lot of abuse and still perform, but an accident resulting from incorrect use can be catastrophic!
  • Common mistakes when working with chain hoists.
  • Dos and don’ts, and options we have to ensure safe and proper use of electric chain hoists.

Presentation 7:


  • Rohit Shikhare from Jio World Convention Centre, Reliance Industries Limited (Fire & Safety At Venues)

Work at height:

Participants at the expo will get a chance to try the leap of faith - a heart-stopping activity where one leaps off a 20-feet high platform to try and grab a target hung at a distance and free fall 15-feet before the specially-rigged safety system slows and arrests their fall right above terra firma. This will showcase loads exerted when taking a fall.

Work at height safety measures (recommended for trussing, lighting, sound & AV rigging companies & production managers) climbing & working on trusses (Duration: 20 minutes). Team Natura will demo some crucial truss-based safety protocols and best practices. The short demo will reinforce the need for correct systems and simple thumb rules involved in working at height/on truss towers.