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Max Effect ME series professional H class & class TDD 4 channel amplifiers:

Product features that allows ME series to work efficiently at high temperatures:



  • Stable performance in 4ohms at low temperature
  • Pure copper ring toroidal transformer
  • Customised design heat aluminium (heatsink)
  • Customised fans
  • Original Toshiba transistors that provides the best sound quality


  • Max Effect ME1000Q ( Highlighted Product)
  • Max Effect ME10000Q
  • Max Effect ME41000

Two Channel Amplifiers:

Max Effect PE series professional H class stereo amplifiers:

Product features that allows PE series to give high performance while providing safety for medium to big audio applications:



  • Professional class H topology with seamless switching
  • Ultra-high power output with very low distortions
  • Multiple perfect work protection measures
  • Produces 2600W RMS stably at 2Ω
  • Compatible with large and medium-sized application


  • Max Effect PE1601
  • Max Effect PE 7500 ( Highlighted Product)
  • Max Effect PE 5050