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The new BETAMARK AX SERIES (AX6050, AX4050 AND AX3050) amplifiers boasts top notch power upto 6600 watt with built in 4 Fan System and Double Crossover system for each channel, making it the best in class for live performance and installations. With advances circuit protection and toroidal transformer, it delivers exceptional power with increased reliability, clarity and performance.

For power thirsty bass speaker system, the new TD SERIES (TD9500 AND TD8500) amplifiers offers dynamic power of 9200w and 7000w in compact design with advanced TD class power modules and high sensitivity CMRR and channel independent protection warning indicators.

PD 1890

The premium range of professional loudspeakers include the all new 18 inch loudspeaker- PD 1890 boasting a power of 3000w AES with 6 inch voice coil and advanced cooling system which is perfect for large venues requiring Extra Bass effect with minimum equipment level.

For Public Address System, ALTEC ELECTRONICS has launched a range of amplifiers from 40w for small installation to 5000w for bigger venues. The wide range of professional amplifiers includes

  • Single channel amplifiers (DPA SERIES, SSA SERIES AND DMX SERIES) with multiple MIC input and USB card built,
  • Booster amplifier (MX SERIES, SPB SERIES AND PBT SERIES),
  • Professional two channel amplifiers (XP SERIES)
  • Double zone PA amplifier (TZA SERIES) and which can be used for connecting trumpets, horns and sound boxes in venues such as temples, schools, road shows etc.